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A Summer Rental to Remember

A Pretty Perfect Partnership

Together, Pretty Picky Properties Select Vacation Rentals and Monomoy Real Estate and Construction make up a locally based partnership focused on differentiating service, communication and trust

It’s no secret that the seasonality of this region is a difficult hurdle that visitors and homeowners alike must learn how to navigate. When the warm summer breeze gives way to breathtaking fall foliage and then to chilly winter frost, the iconic Cape cottages and breathtaking waterfront homes still stand. Throughout it all, from the days when children squealing along the beach is a never-ending yet welcome soundtrack, to the nights when the quiet patter of snowfall is the background to an evening spent warm in bed, it’s important to those of us that love this area, that love these homes and that love the people who keep the Cape and Islands running throughout year after year, that the lights stay on. For this reason, and many others, renting is an indescribable asset to the Cape community—one that ensures an influx of new faces to keep the region a vibrant destination spot as well as ensuring that longtime homeowners, many of whom have been a crucial asset to the region for generations, keep coming back. 

“For us, it’s all about providing a unique Cape Cod vacation,” says Blake Decker, CEO of Pretty Picky Properties. Pretty Picky is a multi-generational, family owned and operated business focused on providing both homeowners and guests to the Lower Cape with a high quality, hands-on rental experience. “We are very selective in the homes that we manage,” explains Decker. “Because of this, guests know that the quality and service level will be consistent.” As the name suggests, the “picky” aspect of Pretty Picky means that both homeowners and renters can have peace of mind that they are getting the best possible service and dealing with the best possible properties for their budget and unique specifications. 

Pretty Picky also provides rental management services unique in the market. For example, trained detailers execute an exclusive “Property Prep Punch List” on site each rental turnover day, checking everything from WiFi functionality to making sure there is adequate bath tissue in every bathroom. By partnering with and augmenting the cleaning service, Pretty Picky assures that each property is ideally prepared for arriving guests. For guests new to a property, Pretty Picky also offers an in-person greeting on site to orient them to the property and answer any questions about the home or the area. “The most important thing we do is communicate,” says Decker. “Communication with guests, owners and vendors is so important to creating a seamless vacation experience for everyone involved. In our business, we have the client who is the homeowner and the customer who is the guest, so we are constantly trying to optimize our communication to achieve great results for both.”

For homeowners, putting a space up for rent can be a daunting challenge. Besides the obvious concern about hosting strangers in a space that is likely very personal, there are other challenges involved to ensuring that a property is both attractive and fit for guests. Pretty Picky and Monomoy Real Estate & Construction have joined forces to put homeowners’ trepidations at ease and to ensure that renters have the absolute best experience possible. “Pretty Picky Properties is the rental extension of Monomoy just as Monomoy is the sales, custom home building and property management extension of Pretty Picky. The end result of these combined talents is a uniquely comprehensive service which affords our clients the ability to make purchase, renovation or rental decisions with a confidence that can only come from knowing that they have covered all bases,” says Justin Blair, managing partner for Monomoy. 

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