The Agway Way

Cape Cod Life  /  August 2023 /

Writer: Susanna Graham-Pye

Photos courtesy of Agway of Cape Cod A family’s third generation celebrates 30 years of serving  the community and their pets. Filled with the familiar friendly faces of the people working behind the checkout counter, out in the yard, and in the aisles of their three stores, Agway of Cape Cod has firmly woven itself into the fabric of the communities it serves. How? It could be the merchandise sold in each store feeds some of the most beloved parts of our lives—the things that make our homes fuller and bring us joy. Plants, tools, furniture and décor for our outdoor spaces; and toys, treats and healthy food for our beloved pets. It could be each of the three stores seems to know what their respective customer base needs and values most. It could be the people who work in the stores, remember countless names—our names, our pets’ names, even what products we and our pets prefer. Whatever combination of ingredients they’re using, Agway of Cape Cod, now being operated by the third generation of the Wile family, has established a successful recipe for a local business that represents many of the best qualities of Cape life. The ingredients of that recipe include supporting local nonprofits, being a first job for so many of the Cape’s kids, offering livable wages and benefits to employees, allowing them to create a life where otherwise they might not be able to make it—these are the priorities in Josh Wile and Jess Thomas’ business model. These are the important values the first two generations instilled in them. “Being part of the Cape community is an intrinsic part of our identity,” Josh reveals. “And of course it is, we grew up here and are nurturing our families here—it’s simply ingrained in everything we do as a company.”…

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