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The Artful Home

The Artful Home, Annual Guide 2018 Cape Cod HOME |

Addison Art Gallery, Orleans. Paintings by Marc Kundmann, Cleber Stecei, Paul Baldassini, Steve Kennedy, Paul Schulenburg, Maryalice Eizenberg and Olivier Suire Verley.

Anthi Frangiadis, a Marion architect who has created an eclectic gallery of local artisans’ work called The Drawing Room on Spring Street in Marion, says visitors are constantly surprised by the range of inspiration found in the many paintings, ceramics, woodwork and textile pieces on display. “I have found that clients who are coming in for architectural appointments suddenly want to explore how to incorporate art into the environment in a more deliberate way. And the regular shopping traffic is always interested in discussing how a piece might work in their home,” Frangiadis says. Leveraging the value of face-to-face interaction between artists and clients, Frangiadis hosts frequent “salon-based” open houses where interested buyers can gain access to the artisan and occasionally partake in hands-on workshops.

Sherry Rhyno, artist and owner of Gallery 31 in Orleans, where she represents more than 10 different artists, also talks about the importance of making art approachable. “Fine art is set apart by the style, quality and consistency of the artists who create it. While galleries offer a range of artists and therefore styles, concepts and price ranges, gallery owners create an environment for collectors and buyers to more easily visualize the art in their own homes. Building a trusting relationship with a gallery helps collectors make the right decision to enrich their visual space,” says Rhyno. Gallery 31, like most of the galleries found on the Cape, is always willing to place pieces under consideration in a client’s home to see if they become comfortable with it before purchasing.

Jill Rothenburg-Simmons, who co-owns On Center Gallery in Provincetown with Scot Presley, says they are fortunate to have significant storage space within their gallery that allows them to provide a deep inventory of choices to clients. “Our gallery is very diverse; we have artists from all around the country. We specialize in contemporary and transitional art, and once a client starts to respond to one thing or another, we’ll start a dialogue with them and we’ll identify a client’s tastes and interests through some discussion,” Rothenburg-Simmons says. “When someone is interested in something, we are able to go into storage and pick out some other things, whether it is the same artist or color or style, we’re able to work with them to find that right piece.” That personalized service resonates with clients who love getting a glimpse of their storage space, as it becomes a behind-the-scenes experience. “And our commitment to the customer extends to placing the art in the client’s home so they can see it with their furniture, wall color and how the light moves in their home,” she adds. “The clients appreciate those kinds of extra efforts.”

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