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The Cape House

Such a simple phrase, yet such a depth of memory and meaning. The following three homes are great examples of the peace and serenity that can be found in the region, as people try to get a bit of respite.

Everyone’s connection to a home on the Cape arrives from a different, yet similar route. Some of us vacationed here as a family and look to re-create that experience for our own families. Some have chosen to put down roots after a life of hard work and diligence. Some are just beginning their path of discovery with the region and might be reserving one precious week in the summer or shoulder season—a chance to literally get away.

Whatever the reason, however the connection was established, time on the Cape, with friends or family, takes on a set of memories that are painted in hues of happiness, laughter and connection. 

For the past few years, as we round the cusp into the warm, gentle season of summer, we have explored the options available in the rental market on the Cape and Islands. We are fortunate to have such a wide-ranging selection of homes that provide sanctuary, and a backdrop for kinship, all while taking advantage of this special landscape. This year, perhaps more than ever, the need for an escape while balancing the needs and concerns for others is paramount.  The properties on the following pages allow for memorable time to gather together while still maintaining a sense of privacy and protection. -Julie Craven Wagner

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