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New Silver Beach, photo provided by Rand Atlantic Realty Vacation. Staycation. Cape Escape. Weekend Getaway. Wedding Weekend. Bachelor Blowout. Ultimate Surprise Party. No matter what you call it, there are so many reasons, and so many options for checking in, and chilling out at a Cape House that is not your own. In the following pages, you will have the opportunity to wander through the doors of some very special retreats. Step inside and feel the breeze sweep in through curtained windows, enjoy a private oasis in a secluded back yard, saunter down to a private beach, drink up endless views on a deck where an evening cocktail caps a day of sun and fun. All of these experiences and many more are available from the property professionals we highlight in this, our Cape House issue. Whether you live on the Cape and have visiting guests, or you patiently look forward to your special vacation that brings you to your favorite place every year, the enticement and benefits of a rental property (for one, no mail!) can have lasting effects on you, your family and your friends for months and years to come. Photos, souvenirs, memories—they are available to start to collect immediately after you unpack, plan your next adventure, or settle in with the book you have been looking forward to devouring. Time spent on the Cape is always time well spent. Once you decide upon the backdrop, just add the cast, the itinerary and let the days wear down the stresses of your ordinary life. If a getaway isn’t in your future, take a moment to dream, and transport yourself to a place you have never been. Bon voyage! ~Julie Craven Wagner Jump to > Ermine Lovell Real Estate Rand Atlantic Cape Cod Realty Pretty Picky Properties Steele…

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