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A Century and Counting

Pat was never more proud than his day as Grand Marshal, leading the annual Craigville Fourth of July parade in 1986. 

To celebrate 100 years of “The Cottage,” Cindi, her sister Heather, Merrilee’s husband Rance, and their family threw a block party complete with a horse and buggy and a walk of historic photos. “I think we did Mom proud,” muses Cindi.

Cindi’s daughter, Atlas, who learned to ride a bike in Craigville, is now entering her teenage years. Cindi’s nieces are married (one wedding was held in Craigville, of course, at the Tabernacle), and a seventh generation is hopefully on the way. Cindi says she’s happy to have the book to show what the house has meant to so many in her family. 

Craigville Beach Association
circa late 1920s. 

“When I was little in the 1970s, it was always so hard to go to bed on summer nights,” reminisces Cindi. “The house is across the street from Red Lily pond, and we’d leave the windows open to the sound of bullfrogs. Inevitably, we couldn’t sleep, so we’d start giggling. Back then, Craigville had a night watchman, and he would shine his light through the windows and tell us—in his fake angriest voice—to go to bed. We would just roar with laughter.” Is there anything that more perfectly describes a summer night in a Cape Cod cottage?

“The Cottage” represents well what it is we all love about stories, that engaging quality that keeps readers longing for more pages to turn: it is a tale with a life of its own. It is a story that reaches far beyond the family it’s about into the hearts of everyone who knows what it means to love Cape Cod.

“The Cottage” can be purchased from the Craigville Old Post Office Gift Shop; proceeds benefit the village.

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