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The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

The Lockharts holiday-decorated Dennis home

Homeowner Barbara Lockhart chose simple, sophisticated decorations to complement the neutral tones of her home.

A world of whimsy is brought to life in this Dennis home

Many know the Fantastic Mr. Fox as a wily creature who lives underground with his family and a whole slew of woodland animals. He spends his days outwitting wicked farmers and his nights with his family and neighbors enjoying the food that he’s cunningly snuck away from his human enemies. According to Roald Dahl, the author of this fantastical tale, the farmers spend their days waiting for the foxes to reappear from their burrow, ignorant of the vibrant underground community the animals have created. “And so far as I know,” writes Dahl, “they are still waiting.” However, once a year, this merry consortium of woodland creatures makes their way above ground, cleverly skirting past the farmers, for a special appearance in the Dennis home of Barbara and Bob Lockhart.

It was an early afternoon on a blustery winter day in 2017, and though the sleet was persistent, it was no match for the eager  participants who set out to enjoy the Village Garden Club of Dennis House Tour. “We had over 600 visitors,” says Barbara Lockhart, whose show-stopping decorations kept a steady stream of people coming through her door. The community spirit alone was enough to warm against the biting temperatures.

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