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The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

The Lockharts holiday-decorated Dennis home

The homeowner deftly brings the wildlife in and tames it for everyday living.

Inside Lockhart’s home, it’s easy to understand why Dahl’s imagined woodland community might take a break from their underground adventures to spend some time enjoying Lockhart’s warm hospitality. Visitors stroll through a natural oasis of winter hues evocative of birch bark and evergreens, as the traditional holiday colors are replaced  by more neutral hues like taupe and gray to complement the usual sophisticated, unassuming nature of the house. The smell of birch and pine mingle together and wind around the festively set table, into the kitchen. On the tree hangs a tiny wicker fox, and nearby on a table sits his friend, a decorative snowy owl.

Where bright colors like red would have felt overwhelming in this space, Lockhart truly captures the natural beauty of Cape Cod, making use of details like tan ribbon and white-painted driftwood to accentuate the simple, clean feel of her home and create a space that feels approachable and not overdone throughout the season. Black accents make the more natural greens and tans of the design pop, giving it a sleek and modern feel while still being comfortable and inviting. “I even went so far as to spray paint my wicker chairs black,” says Lockhart with a laugh. She credits fellow garden club member and home designer Angela Kimball, of AP Kimball Construction, with helping her pull together details like this.

In the kitchen, evergreen wreaths hang on the back of MacKenzie-Childs chairs with black and white checkered cushions. “I love living in Dennis and being just a short walk from the beach,” says Lockhart, who has spent years perfecting her little cottage home. Details like the fish carved into the back of the MacKenzie-Childs chairs and miniature driftwood Christmas trees on the mantel are a fitting nod to her nautical locale.

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