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The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

The Lockharts holiday-decorated Dennis home

Lockhart’s collections of bottle brush ornaments, illuminated in tin houses, reinforce the natural and rustic look that sets this decor apart.

“I’ve been collecting forever,” says Lockhart about her personal connection to each of the decorations she chose. The tree, for example, is adorned with the same beloved ornaments that she’s had for years. “I choose to decorate myself rather than use a designer because I think I understand the feel of the home best,” says Lockhart, who started decorating before Thanksgiving, making frequent trips to her favorite nursery outside of Philadelphia—a destination that has become a holiday tradition. She describes the emotion of the design as understated and cozy. “The feeling that is created by the naturalness of the design is carried all throughout the downstairs,” she says, explaining that the open floor plan and cohesive design helped everything flow.

Outside is where Lockhart starts to have fun with pops of color. The accent color on the porch is an eye-catching red. By the front door, punctuated by a stark evergreen wreath, stands a gorgeous bundle of natural birch. It’s so simple and heartwarming that it’s easy to understand why passersby on the home tour felt so attracted to Lockhart’s house. “I just had a lot of fun with it,” she says about the tour. “I love making my home unique. It’s all very exciting.”

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