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Writer: Mary Stanley


best Cape Islands resort restaurants

Twenty-eight Atlantic, Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

Visitors come to Cape Cod for a variety of reasons—some are here for beauty of the landscape, some for the relaxation and simplicity that this environment offers, while others are looking for a bit of a night life. Hotel owners are aware of these competing interests, and many offer something for everyone.

When it comes to giving guests plenty of choices, Catania Hospitality Group seems to have the formula for success. While the Cape Codder Resort & Spa has plenty to offer in terms of activities, it also has plenty to offer in terms of great cuisine.

From creative appetizers and desserts to a wide assortment of entrees, which now includes pizzas, to a fabulous wine and cocktail list, Grand Cru Wine Bar & Grill has something to satisfy every diner’s taste.

Offering live entertainment, such as Jazz or Blues music, the restaurant also offers the nightlife that many visitors to the Cape, and even residents, are craving. “It’s a great room for music—small and intimate with good acoustics, food and drink,” says Joyce Groemmer, director of marketing for Catania Hospitality Group.

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club’s signature restaurant, Twenty-eight Atlantic, offers cuisine and ambiance that is unparalleled here on Cape Cod. Food and Beverage Director Rene Votteler credits the chef, James Hackney, who works closely with local farmers and fishermen to ensure the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Among his favorites at Twenty-eight Atlantic, he says, is the Lobster Carbonara. “It’s a play on the traditional carbonara, but with a Cape Cod flair,” says Votteler. This year, the chef will be introducing a new menu item, loin of cod. “He uses vegetable ash to blacken the cod. While it gives the illusion of a blackened cod fish, this process really just seals in the moisture, making it a truly unforgettable experience,” Votteler says.

People rarely remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel, and that is the philosophy of l’etoille at The Sydney on Martha’s Vineyard. “We care about our customers’ experience, from the time they walk in the door to when they walk out the door,” says Chef Michael Brisson, owner of the restaurant.

Brisson describes the restaurant as casual-chic upscale dining with a friendly and professional staff. “It’s about the quality of the service, food and atmosphere,” he says. “We deliver a very solid, consistent product, and we embrace the fact that many of our customers have had to take a ferry to get here. A visit here is a very special time for them, so we go out of our way to make sure the experience is special.”

Being an award-winning restaurant, he says, is not due to one single thing. “It’s everything.”

Mary Stanley

Mary Stanley worked as the sales and marketing coordinator for Cape Cod Life Publications from 2013 to 2016, writing advertising pieces as well as feature articles for both Cape Cod HOME and Cape Cod LIFE magazines. Prior to that, she was the senior reporter for Sandwich Enterprise Newspapers. She currently works as the public relations and marketing coordinator for New England Village, Inc., a nonprofit organization supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.