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The world is their alphabet

Letters Cape

Husband-and-wife team finds and photographs ‘Letters from the Cape’

A different perspective on the world can yield beautiful results, as Jan and Chris Capece know well. From subtle shapes made by ropes on a dock to patterns in the sand, nature’s nuanced aesthetic provides the Capeces endless inspiration for their art, Letters from the Cape.

The couple, who have a home in South Orleans, uses photography to capture different “letters” as they appear naturally in the world—and then arranges those images to spell words and phrases that express the essence of Cape Cod life. With an estimated 700 letters in their inventory, a booming greeting card line, and a complete do-it-yourself mentality, the Capeces have watched their casual side project evolve into an exciting business.

Worth a thousand words

To create a Letters from the Cape piece, clients choose their favorite option for each letter, which will spell out a particular word or short phrase—such as Beach Girl, Red Sox, and Home. Anything might look like a letter: a seashell, rope, fence posts, flip-flops, rocks, architecture, well-known Cape Cod landmarks, and so on. Jan can relate the story behind each photo.

“Everybody loves the beach, and everybody wants a piece of that beach,” says Jan, who has never missed a summer on Cape Cod. “People come to the Cape on vacation, or they live on the Cape, and they look at [these photos] and they can relate.”

In addition to choosing from several variations of each letter, clients also decide on color, black and white, or sepia prints. All photos are 4 by 6 inches, available à la carte or in custom panel frames made of barn wood from Utah. The frames can hold up to 10 photos and come in natural, white, and black. One of the Capeces’ favorite aspects of the business, Chris says, is helping people develop unique signs with personal meaning, either to keep or to give as gifts.

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