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The world is their alphabet

Letters Cape

The fun of the art

The pair frequents art fairs and shows year round, as close as Falmouth and Wellfleet and as far as Georgia. Between connections developed at these events and the help of their friend and sales rep, Liz Prentiss, their framed signs and greeting cards are carried in stores throughout the Cape, along the New England coast, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Indiana.

“[Jan’s] use of photography and the alphabet combine to create an enormous variety of unique visual messages,” says Carol Wright, owner of Oceana in Orleans, the first store to carry the Capeces’ work. “We have sold her pieces for years, many with her own statements and many more custom pieces for our clients who want to spell out something original that captures the Cape vibe.”

While Letters definitely has Cape Cod roots, the Capeces make cards and signs for other East Coast towns and places near lakes. If a customer can dream it, there’s a good chance they can help design it. In fact, customers can design their own signs, and experiment with different letter and frame options, on the Letters website.

According to Chris, many customers return for more, loving the unique experience and pieces they create. One such client is Peg Dempsey. “I first saw Jan and Chris Capece’s work at a craft fair at the Drummer Boy Park on Route 6A. It immediately caught my eye because it was different,” says Dempsey, a Quincy resident and one of the Capeces’ first customers. “They have taken extra time with me to find the best combination of letters for my purchases. The recipients of these signs have been thrilled with them because they are one of a kind.”

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