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This Cape Cod nature photography is STUNNING

It Comes Naturally

Photography by Sarah Devlin

For Sarah Devlin, becoming a photographer was, quite literally, a natural decision. Having always been intrigued by nature, it made sense for her to record and share her passion with others, inviting her audience into a unique world shown from her equally unique perspective. “I’m inspired by the resiliency of wild animals and all that they have to endure every day just to survive,” says Devlin, whose photos flawlessly capture that resiliency, giving viewers a glimpse into the vibrant, uninhibited world of animals.

“I get to have the most amazing encounters with wildlife,” she says about the time she spends putting together the perfect shot. “Before I got started in wildlife photography I was not a very patient person, but nature has taught me to be patient and not to leave before the magic begins.” Her patience has paid off time and again. One can practically sense the light breeze in a photo of a hawk taking flight, feel the warm sun in a photo of a seal basking on the shores, and hear the trickle of a stream flowing past in a photo of a turtle taking a break on a dry rock. With such diverse wildlife finding their homes in the marshes of the Cape, on the many beaches and in the sprawling forests, it’s no wonder that Devlin, who has won several local and national awards for her photography, has found peace and inspiration in her craft. 

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