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This colorful condo will AMAZE you!

True Colors

This Provincetown condo is a work of art, capturing the spirit of its vibrant homeowners

Cookie-cutter. That’s a good way to describe Eric Alden and Ian Tzeng’s West Vine Street condo when they first bought it. Not that being cookie-cutter is inherently negative. All-white walls, an all-white kitchen—this clean, bright look is fitting of a Cape Cod summer home.

Still, this house was just too simple, too cookie-cutter. And Eric and Ian are anything but cookie-cutter. They’re fashion-forward, they like to dress boldly, and they love to travel the world—including to Provincetown. What they needed in their own Provincetown getaway was a space just as vibrant as they are, a space that was fun and carefree, and conducive to entertaining their many friends. They needed a space like their primary home in Boston, designed by Evolve Residential.

“You should see our house in Boston they did for us!” Eric quips, laughing, explaining the “eclectic chic” style of the home. “Our master bedroom is bright blue, we’ve got wallpapered ceilings, each stairway has a different color runner—it’s very colorful. I love it, and I told them I wanted Provincetown to feel like an extension of our house in Boston.” Josh Linder and Thomas Egan III, two of Evolve Residential’s three design principals, came up with a design plan that created a dynamic and energetic feel with injections of bold color in every space while maintaining a sense of comfort and usability. Layers of black, white and neutral textural elements are thoughtfully incorporated to ground and warm each room, balancing the moments of color while enhancing visual interest.

“We tried to be as artful as possible,” says Linder. “If you had strong colors everywhere, they might dominate and overwhelm the space, but by selectively and carefully choosing where these strong colors should go, it allowed us to be more vibrant and playful with the strength and depth of color.”

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