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This colorful condo will AMAZE you!

Just down the hall is a gem of a powder room. It might seem odd to get excited about a half bath, but this one’s a real attention stealer, with three walls covered in camo-print wallpaper and another wall fully tiled. “It’s a cool combination of matte texture in the blues, and the lighter portions are all in this metallic silver, so it really adds a lot of dimension in the space,” Linder says. The industrial porthole-style mirror here is another play on a ship-like feel, and a reminder of Provincetown’s maritime roots.

No space went overlooked in this house, not even the space at the top of the stairwell leading to the third floor guest suite. Turn around on the third-floor landing and you’ll see leading up to the ceiling a full-length mirror, outlined in red paint and featuring the same nailhead perimeter trim of the sofa in the living room. Linder says he enjoys any opportunity he gets to incorporate dramatic mirrors to create depth of interest, and he found an opportunity again in the guest bathroom—the white coral reef design of this mirror similar to the one in the master en suite. 

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