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This colorful condo will AMAZE you!

The star of the guest suite, though, is the bed itself, conceptualized by Egan and constructed by builder Ellen Rousseau, who completed all of the interior trim work during the project. “What we designed is almost a traditional European or old New England alcove bed,” Egan explains. “It’s really the coolest guest bedroom you’ve ever been in. It’s like climbing up to a little tree house and having this secret canopy bed that you can disappear into.” Linder continues: “We took the same horizontal V-groove detailing in the den and created a whole bed out of it, both on the walls and the surrounding perimeter, and painted that all in dark black. And then there are these burlap curtains to the left and to the right so you can pull them closed and create a beautiful sleeping nook.”

“Creating this small space that’s like a little nook in the guest bedroom, it references the early style of how houses were made,” Rousseau notes. While the design of this condo is certainly contemporary, it was important to Egan and Linder to incorporate elements of traditional design throughout. “Josh and I have a deep respect for tradition and traditional forms,” says Egan. “We rarely do a house that’s ‘traditional,’ but if you look at this space—say the main living room—a lot of it consists of very traditional forms. The wingback chair is a traditional New England chair from the 17th century—we’ve just played with the proportions and the materials to make it into a contemporary chaise. The little banquette next to the front door at the table is kind of like a mini Chesterfield sofa.” Linder adds, “The painting of the sashes in the dark color, that’s a detail you see with historic houses all the time, but in this application it feels quite contemporary.”

Out front, the condo benefits from a generous-size terrace, with bluestone pavers, surrounding greenery and a boulder wall, completed by Megan Spoerndle of Stix and Stones Landscaping. The space feels like a continuation of the interior, with sculptural woven chairs and a sleek Blu Dot outdoor sofa. A perfect spot for entertaining (“Rose in the summertime and some music—it’s quite delightful,” Eric says), it’s also ideal for the couple’s two adorable dogs, Bella and Breaker.

For all parties involved in this project, it was one that left a lasting impression. “It’s been a fantastic journey,” Eric says of working with Josh and the Evolve team, noting how “effortlessly” they were able to translate he and Ian’s ideas into reality. “We were really inspired by working with Eric and Ian because they have such fantastic personal style, and it was really easy to get excited about that and interpret it in this space,” says Linder. 

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