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COVID-19 Update

We have amended our publication schedule including combining the 2020 Cape Cod LIFE May issue with our 2020 Cape Cod HOME Early Summer issue and combining our 2020 Cape Cod LIFE July and August issues into one expanded issue. If you have questions about how these changes will impact your subscription, please email us.

This colorful condo will AMAZE you!

“I love that so much of the aesthetic of this project is very ‘now,’ yet it keeps in mind that we live in a seaside town,” notes Rousseau. It was Evolve who brought Rousseau onboard the project, and both Linder and Egan couldn’t be happier about that decision. “What we love about Ellen is that you can give her a drawing and some information on how you’d like something constructed, and she, without any oversight, will execute it flawlessly, exactly as we intended,” explains Linder. “Ellen understood our vision immediately,” Egan adds. “She’s the ideal person you want in that position but you rarely get.”

As Eric looks ahead to the upcoming summer season, he plans on spending as much time as possible in Provincetown. “When I open that door, it’s just automatic happiness,” he says. “Being able to provide a space for our friends to enjoy such a magical place with us has been a blessing.”

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