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Timeless treasure on Nantucket

Timeless Treasure, Winter 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

In the daughters’ bedroom, Albert Hadley window shades add a touch of femininity and draw in the serene meadowland of the property.

Upstairs, shiplap and tall beadboard chair rails compose the walls, strikingly so in the open, spacious family room. Becker decided upon the combination of woods with Botticelli and Hehir. “We wanted to keep it relatively simple,” she says, “and because this is such a big space, if you did one thing—like if you only did the shiplap—it would feel a little overkill.”

Off of the right-hand side of family room is the master suite, complete with a balcony overlooking the creek. The walls are painted in a pale lavender color called Silver Bells. Becker says the homeowners were quite open-minded when it came to paint choices—from the lavender of their bedroom to the caramel of the guest suite to the blue-gray of the open kitchen, dining and living room. “Lavender might scare some people off, but this is a soft color that almost changes, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, day or night. And it doesn’t feel too feminine,” she notes. In the master bathroom, grasscloth makes another appearance as part of two lacquered tables. Down the hall are the couple’s office spaces. Becker compares the husband’s office to “a ship’s cabin,” as it consists of teak and maple flooring and mahogany walls. Like the library, Becker says this office gives the husband the maritime feel he desired.

Off of the left-hand side of the family room are the son and daughters’ bedrooms, each with their own full baths. The aforementioned Hadley window shades are found in the daughters’ room, which features vibrant pops of green and salmon in the furniture and bedding.

Becker has maintained a working relationship with the homeowners over the last decade, assisting with any necessary spruce-ups—faded rugs in need of turning, broken strings on blinds in need of re-sewing. She is currently in search of the right window shades and a kilim runner to add some warmth to the wife’s office space. Like Albert Hadley, Becker believes design should enhance a homeowner’s sense of joy in their surroundings. The refined comfort of the house on Medouie Creek achieves just that—and that’s truly why this house will be a classic for all time.

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