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Tony Pasquale and Terra Luna


Pasquale’s culinary and musical talents alchemize at Terra Luna, adding to an atmosphere of uncommon grace. There is always music playing in the background, from a song list he personally curates, and occasionally a live band—Terra Luna hosted shows by the Spampinato Brothers and the Greenheads in the summer of 2018. Visiting musicians are sometimes encouraged to “sing for their supper.” Case in point: One summer evening, The Ticks, strolling among the tables and filling the air with acoustic music, were mightily rewarded with a chef’s choice, tour-de-force, multi-course feast.  

Chandler Travis cites the “sing for your supper” nights as his personal favorite, with high marks for the blackberry polenta desert, while praising the “home-y and intimate feel of the place.” All of this—the food, the atmosphere, the generosity of spirit—make for a special series of neural stimuli that contribute to a palpable sense of place—that ephemeral and rewarding “be here now” feeling.  

In a demanding, competitive field with a high burnout rate, Pasquale’s enthusiasm is undiminished—his calm control an attribute as valuable as any recipe. His years behind the line have offered a participant’s view of changes in the industry. When he started out, he says, “There was no such thing as a celebrity chef; there wasn’t even the Food Network yet.” Pasquale never met the late Anthony Bourdain (who also paid his dues in kitchens around Provincetown), but he says he admired the man for his “big influence on what the [chef] lifestyle could be like.”  

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