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Tony Pasquale and Terra Luna

Now it’s Pasquale’s lifestyle, his recipes, his abilities and his vision that are on brilliant display at Terra Luna. Regulars speak of the warmth and unique “Truro-ness” of his restaurant. One says she feels lucky to be there every time she visits; another says the food is so good she secretly doesn’t want tell anyone.

Orleans writer Susan Blood—an admittedly non-adventurous eater—says of Terra Luna: “We ask Tony for recommendations. Sometimes his recommendations scare me and I revert to my usual Straw & Hay (a dish of grilled chicken, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic and basil over baby spinach and spaghetti), but if you buckle up and go for it you’ll be rewarded with something like the Portuguese Sardines, which look like they should be in a painting by a Dutch master.”  

Sarah Swain best describes Pasquale: “In a world where counter culture is curated and marketed back to us in whispery folk music and coconut oil, Tony Pasquale is truly authentic and refreshing. He’s a real life, unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll DJ/poet/food genius/man.” 

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