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Treehouse Lodge an adventure

Treehouse Lodge an adventure

In this installment of our Building Business series, we share the story behind a newly renovated motor lodge in Woods Hole that’s redefining family vacations

Treehouse Lodge is the perfect name for innkeeper Beth Colt’s latest venture. Opened last summer, the Woods Hole property offers guests a Cape Cod vacation perch that’s as carefree and low-key as its moniker.

Colt and her husband, P.K. Simonds, owners of the Woods Hole Inn for a decade, purchased the former Sleepy Hollow Motor Inn in late 2016. After renovations were done by the Valle Group, the lodge opened in time for Memorial Day 2017 with a new name that Colt says was inspired by the property’s magnificent copper beech tree, planted in the 1850s by Joseph Story Fay, an early summer resident who essentially reforested the village.

“I love how trees connect us with other generations, and the idea of such a lasting legacy,” she reflects. “I also liked the idea that a treehouse is playful—a place to explore, romp and caper. A place to reconnect with the childlike version of ourselves.”

To that end, she redecorated the rooms with a minimalist style that evokes a camp-like atmosphere, right down to the hanging bulb lighting, muslin curtains and natural bark-edged woodcut end tables built into the walls of each unit. She kept the color scheme simple, with one wall a deep marine blue and the rest white, barnwood-look flooring and sisal area rugs. The biggest change was replacing an in-ground pool at the center of the property with a landscaped seating area that features a huge handcrafted “fireball,” sculpted by architect and artist Sandra Vlock.

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