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Treehouse Lodge an adventure

Treehouse Lodge an adventure

On summer evenings the ball holds a crackling fire around which guests toast marshmallows for s’mores and chat with one another. “People meet each other and talk,” says Colt, who is happy with the sense of community around the fireball. “It makes it really fun.”

Treehouse Lodge has 24 rooms, and for the initial renovation Colt focused on 14 rooms and the office, hiring the East Falmouth-based Valle Group to transform the property with a design created by Chris Isenegger, a set designer Colt worked with during her career as a Los Angeles film producer before moving to Woods Hole to become an innkeeper. Isenegger was the designer and project manager for the renovation of the Woods Hole Inn when Colt and Simonds, a Hollywood script writer, first bought the inn, so Colt felt confident turning to him for help with this new project.

“Her vision was to transform it from a 1950s motel to more of a modern, simple but elegant camp-style retreat,” says Christian Valle, president of the Valle Group. Along with interior work, his firm tore out the old pool and brought in a landscape firm to create the new communal outdoor area that became home to the fireball.

The whole job took four to five months, according to Valle, who is very pleased with the results. He admires the fact that she had the vision to work with a property built in 1959 and transform it rather than razing it, which has been the case with some other older properties. “The genius in what Beth did is she took a building that probably could have been torn down and turned it into something spectacular.”

Colt was impressed with the Valle Group’s work. “They’re so attentive, and the fast track they worked through with this project was amazing,” she says. “They also have really nice taste, so you can count on them to have good ideas.”

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