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Treehouse Lodge an adventure

Treehouse Lodge an adventure

The room designs at Treehouse Lodge are simple, clean, and evocative of the natural beauty that surrounds this special place.

Most rooms have a queen bed with a private bath, and about half have a daybed; her two largest rooms have pullout couches, large bathrooms and sitting areas. “Those are the most expensive and the most popular,” she notes.

The lodge is very family friendly, which is key for Colt, who envisioned the lodge as a way to reach a new group of guests. With 14 rooms, the Woods Hole Inn doesn’t allow small children and has rates to match the luxury amenities. The Treehouse Lodge, by contrast, offers a “significantly lower price point,” about half the cost of the Woods Hole Inn.

“This is a science community, and many of the people who come here are young,” and unable to afford high-priced lodging, says Colt, who feels a range of lodging prices “keeps a community vibrant.”

Colt and Simonds have two sons, one a student at Harvard and the other at Falmouth Academy. Both have worked in the family businesses, which also include two restaurants, Quick’s Hole Taqueria and the nearby Quick’s Hole Tavern (formerly the Leeside). She laughs that she “fell into being a restaurant owner by buying an inn,” which in itself was a huge life change.

It’s one she doesn’t regret. While she enjoys visiting Los Angeles, she loves living in the tight-knit community of Woods Hole.

Because she loves living on Cape Cod, she enjoys innkeeping. “It’s really, really fun,” she says. “You meet so many people, and you’re introducing them to something you love, so it’s sharing your passion.”

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