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Treehouse Lodge an adventure

Treehouse Lodge

She designed the Treehouse Lodge essentially for “a young couple in their early 30s with two kids, who both work and haven’t taken a vacation in a year, and they’re deciding last minute, ‘We’ve got to go somewhere and get to the beach,’” she says. “They’re likely to be foodies, and they’re interested in a laid-back, affordable experience.”

Nobska Beach is only a 10-minute walk from the lodge, or guests can catch a ride in Colt’s Treehouse Lodge “Beach Buggy,” which also transports guests to The Knob and nearby Stoney Beach.

Her philosophy in maintaining economy-size rooms at the lodge is that visitors don’t need a lot of space to enjoy all Cape Cod has to offer. “They need a landing spot,” she says with a smile. Because most guests spend the majority of their time outside, “I took the TVs out of the rooms and replaced them with really robust WiFi,” Colt says. Although most guests are content with that, some people really want televisions, so she incorporated them into the additional five rooms she renovated this winter, which will be offered as “Deluxe Canopy” rooms in addition to the Hammock and Canopy rooms. That leaves just five more rooms to redo, and the property’s transformation will be complete.

Valle says he enjoyed visiting the redone property over the summer and hanging out by the fireball as guests toasted marshmallows. The Treehouse Lodge is more than a destination, he says: “It’s really, I would say, a new Woods Hole landmark.”

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