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U: Upholstery


Despite the notion that upholstery is something our grandmothers did with great zeal, today’s options in fabric covering are as endless as the colors of the rainbow. Leather, easy-care micro-fiber, chenille, silk and every conceivable kind of cotton are all creative and innovative choices in today’s design plans and upholstery. Marsha Malone, principal of Brewster’s Nautique says, “The outdoor fabrics that used to be intended for boats and patio furniture now come in thousands of patterns and textures, making it the perfect choice for anyone, but especially active families.” Malone says the possibilities don’t end with the choice of fabric, but there are also so many options when choosing what to upholster. “Benches, headboards, cushions, pillows, ottomans, sofas, chairs—anything is virtually possible. Basically if you have a place to showcase a fabric, a pattern, a texture, you can consider fabric as a way to express your design personality.”

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