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Village LIFE: Explore the village of Falmouth

Osborn & Rugh Gallery

A couple of doors down finds Rural Roots, a new store that offers eclectic and natural home accessories and serves as an interior design showroom. But showroom really doesn’t do this special place justice. Interior designer Laurie Long can do all the things that any other designer can, but her curated collection of naturally-inspired pieces, vintage finds and one-of-a-kind seaside sensible items keeps you thinking about her products and her unique take on decorating long after you have left the shop.

A small enclave known as Queens Buyway rounds up the village. Local favorite Coffee Obsession has been attracting a coffeehouse crowd for decades, and new owners of Buyway Boutique, a consignmet shop of note, offer an unparalled selection of designer clothes and a great collection of jeans. Oil painters Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh are the husband-wife team at Osborn & Rugh Gallery in the triangular corner of Palmer Avenue and Main Street. Part art gallery, part working studio, either or both artists can be found indulging their passion and creating fine art for the rest of us.

From one end of downtown Falmouth to the next, there is sure to be some piece of long ago, or maybe a glimpse from a generation before, or a favorite thing of today, or perhaps even a preview of what’s to come next for everyone to find and enjoy. Take a stroll down Main Street and see where you end up.

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