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Do you love Harwich?!

Photo by Josh Shortsleeve

Village Life: The Heart of Harwich

The Soul of the Seaside

Located on the Cape’s southern edge overlooking Nantucket Sound, the town of Harwich is a world to explore in itself. Officially incorporated in 1694, Harwich has an extensive history to tell, with unique flairs in each of its villages. Harwich Port sits by the waterfront, with stunning views from its beaches. In the town’s early settlement, Round Cove was Harwich’s only natural harbor. Wychmere, Allen, and Saquatucket harbors, today bursting with activity, were man-made to provide safe homes for local ships. With its four harbors, numerous ponds, and an array of beaches, the Harwich tourist industry began expanding in the 1800s. Today, the town remains a destination, with endless local shops and waterfront activity. 

Numerous routes along the Cape transport you to Harwich and its villages. Traveling from the peaceful surrounding towns of the Lower Cape brings you to the artistic wonders of Odile Fine Art and Cape Cod Tileworks, located in the heart of Harwich Center. Inside Odile, exquisite oil paintings and clothing racks are scattered throughout the space. Owner and artist Ruth Odile Davis opened her new location in Harwich last April. Aside from the paintings, her own hand-painted clothing line is remarkable. Stop by and check out one of her signature designs, a fish painted on women’s long-sleeved shirts. 

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