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Do you love Harwich?!

Farther down the street, the hustle and bustle of Harwich Port, or “The Port”, begins with Murphy’s General Store. Owners Jay and Heather Skowronek met in television production in Los Angeles. The couple recently decided to turn the wheel in a new direction by opening a general store on Cape Cod. Collecting items to showcase, they found pieces that spoke to their personalities. Opened in May, Murphy’s General Store adds a nostalgic charm to the area, with trinkets that leave you giggling or intrigued.

Across the street, pop in another brand-new shop to Harwich Port. Lexaco is a bright space with jewelry, home goods, and fine art. Lisa and Edward Guariglia opened their first store just five weeks ago. Check out their sterling silver jewelry collection, named Seed Stories. “Everything is based on botanicals from nature and some shells from the sea,” Eddy explains. Also featured are paintings by Lisa and Eddy’s daughter, Alexa Guariglia. “It’s a creative coalition amongst the three of us,” Lisa notes. The creativity and familial nature of Lexaco is admirable, and this is just the beginning.

Continue your stroll across the street into Cranberry Jewelers, owned by Carl Johnson for over thirty-years. Glass cases, shelves, and tables are scattered with beautiful pieces from assorted jewelers. Some of the jewelry is made by Carl himself, a patient and experienced hand. The space also exhibits Nicole Barr’s enameling jewelry, Cape Cod bracelets, and other coastal designs. Regardless of your taste, Cranberry Jewelers’ collection will have something for you.

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