Vision Quest

Cape Cod Home  /  Summer 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman / Photographer: Abby Grattan 

A Chatham homeowner’s vision and goals are realized by SV Design’s thoughtful approach and M. Duffany’s expertise. Cape Cod is often (and unsurprisingly) referred to as the setting to “get away from it all.” For one family, their home in the quaint town of Chatham has become emblematic of that special hideaway where they can truly live life to the fullest. It wasn’t a far stretch for the homeowners to decide on Chatham, either. “My office is right down the street, and my husband, Todd Trehubenko, has family history here. We visited for a long time before we bought this home six years ago,” homeowner Georgianna Oliver says. “You can instantly see that it has great bones. The former owners loved this house, and they put a lot of passion into the details—the seashells inlays here and there, the smaller doors, and even a secret passageway.” On a recommendation from their realtor, SV Design, an architecture and interior design firm in Chatham, was brought in early on to help the homeowners’ vision of a place to retreat and entertain family and friends come to fruition. “We worked really well together,” emphasizes Oliver. “I knew what I wanted, and SV Design was able to make my ideas come to life. They identified areas where creative elements could be added and allowed for my own individual touches.” Oliver herself added the larger, eye-catching light fixtures in the dining and family rooms, of which she “treats like art.” Renovations were completed in phases over the last three years, each one essentially lasting September to May. This allowed the family to use the house and accompanying exterior spaces during the summer season. Phase one included extensive changes to the backyard with the installation of an L-shaped pool surrounded by a beautiful concrete patio area suitable…

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