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When the temperature drops, go take a hike!

Details on five invigorating walks on the Cape & Islands

Photography by Dan Cutrona

Photography by Dan Cutrona

The warm weather has come and gone, and the tourists and seasonal residents of summer have left the Cape and Islands a quieter place. Although winter may not be the ideal weather for a “beach day,” our region’s coastal settings offer those looking for outdoor activities plenty of options. For example, did you know there are numerous walking and hiking trails across the Cape and Islands that wind through wooded areas and along marshes and cliffs—all leading to spectacular ocean views?

In this article, we highlight five breathtaking hikes and walks: three on the Cape and one each on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Tis the season to lace up your boots, pack some snacks and a water bottle, and head out for a great day on the trail.

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