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Winter Wonderland

Casabella Interiors

No corner goes unadorned with holiday charm at Casabella Interiors.

Often it is a far more simple and subtle application of Casabella’s unique look that goes home with the shoppers in search of a different accent during the holidays. A selection of miniature faux boxwood wreaths might seem to be charming but not right for a homeowner’s décor, until someone at the store suggests hanging it on each of the dining chairs, or on the lampshades in the living room. A variety of charming ornaments might catch the eye of a holiday shopper who may hesitate because their tree is already full of nostalgic memories. Why not place one on the plate for each of your dinner guests, the creative team will suggest.

Last year’s dining vignette featured a Christmas tree as the centerpiece—perhaps not the first choice for most hostesses, but Casabella’s display showed how at the right scale, with the right tree, it is as delightful as any other choice and might actually initiate some interesting conversation. One idea sure to spark discussion is the upside-down Christmas tree often found somewhere at the shop. “We try to do the unusual here,” Holbrook says. As fantastic as it may sound, an upside-down Christmas tree is actually far more practical than one might imagine. First, it resolves any issues involving a lack of floor space; second, it virtually functions as a chandelier, providing whimsical light and ambiance to the space. This year, the team has interpreted the windows of the shop in a whole new way that will surely inspire additional creative interpretations in homes across the Cape.

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