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Women in Business: Dune Jewelry & Co.

The Wave to Success

What makes a moment special? Is it a specific place or person? Maybe a feeling you had? Oftentimes–if a moment is truly special–we feel the sudden urge to bottle it up and take it with us as if it was a memento from a long trip. But how do you capture something as abstract as one singular moment? Well, owner and CEO of Dune Jewelry & Co., Holly Daniels Christensen, has cracked the code–finding a way to keep those special moments from fleeting.

Growing up on Cape Cod, it is no surprise Christensen feels an intense connection to the natural world around her. In 2007, she found herself working alongside her best friend Kellie Quinn–a Cape Cod native who also found inspiration in the natural beauty of the place she calls home. “Kellie had her own business, Cape Cod Snowflakes,” explains Christensen. “I was helping her create these unique snowflakes made of sand gathered from the beaches on Cape Cod. It was just so much fun and we began to really see the emotional attachments that people had to specific places, locations and experiences.” Soon enough, the two decided they should take a jewelry inlay class at Metalwerx in Waltham. “We only ended up taking one or two classes,” laughs Christensen. “But it gave us enough knowledge and creative inspiration to start playing around with our ideas.”

In the beginning, using stock pieces from different Etsy sellers and jewelry suppliers, they filled them with different sand from various beaches across the Cape. “We started out selling them at different craft shows across the Cape,” says Christensen. “It was really just a fun hobby from 2007 to 2010,” she laughs. “I was hauling around these huge tables while pregnant with my first daughter at craft shows…

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