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Worth Its Salt

When the homeowner arrives with a carload of provisions, instead of having to lug groceries up the stairs, bags are simply placed into the hold of a dumbwaiter and from the kitchen upstairs, a triple-strand rope on an iron cog pulls the load up to the second floor.

Just as in any tight ship, space is maximized for efficiency in this house. With its two walls of windows, and little space for upper cabinets, the kitchen storage areas are tucked into a bevy of drawers and under the compact, black leather stone island. While the dumbwaiter sits on one side of the refrigerator, on the other side, a vertical rack stores the wine bottles. The priceless view from the counter makes chopping vegetables a vacation.

This bayside retreat is small in size, but big in casual style and ingenious comfort.

Photo by: Brian Vanden Brink

While timber framing is often added to houses as a design element, in the case of this kitchen, it is a structural component that gives the space the feel of a boathouse. Adding to this nautical atmosphere is the eight-inch plank flooring, stained driftwood gray, inspired by the pier decking next to the Hutker Architects offices.

Los Angeles interior designer Sasha Emerson is responsible for the sophisticated, yet casual furnishings, making it clear that this house is meant for ease and fun, with its intimate seating in the living room, a casual dining area that rivals the best water-view restaurants, and plenty of games and books waiting on the shelves of the built-in storage that lines the perimeter of the rooms.

This bayside retreat is small in size, but big in casual style and ingenious comfort.

Photo by: Brian Vanden Brink

Just off the living spaces is the master bedroom, hugged by ample windows that keep the coast close. The room is airy and bright and punctuated by a colorful oil painting of a summer beach scene above a whimsical woven lattice headboard. Again, as space is limited, the television and gas fireplace are encased in built-ins, matched on the other side of the wall by the living room television and fireplace. The guest bedrooms are efficiently designed as well. Built-in bunk beds make the most of the space in one, and all three bedrooms have sliding barn-style closet doors, which make a design statement as well as enclose built-in dressers and half- and full-height hanging rods.

Even the ironing board is built-in and disguised behind a wall cabinet.

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