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Yoga For You

From loose limbs and solid abs, to mental clarity and emotional contentment, the perks of yoga have been extolled from the discipline’s ancient beginnings. but even with its rainbow of benefits, yoga practitioners sometimes reach an impasse. positive results stall. the original electric effect sputters. yoga slides from a healthy habit to a run-of-the-mill routine.
Many yoga aficionados say that the best cure for spells like this is to dip your yoga toes into something new: a challenging pose, an exotic environment, a fresh attitude. Cape Cod has a plethora of local instructors who love sharing their expertise in how to get “unstuck” in your yoga routine—offering a new twist, you might say, on a very old practice.

Cape Cod yoga

Photo by Maddie McNamera

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Melissa Lorusso had been practicing yoga for years before she had her son. After his birth, she felt even a stronger pull to her practice. “I realized I needed it more than ever,” Lorusso says. “As a new mom, yoga grounded me and helped me find peace in my life. I really hadn’t planned on being a teacher; I just wanted to dive deeper into my practice and be a part of the teacher training experience.” Since then, Lorusso’s yoga teaching has blossomed; and today she teaches several styles, including stand-up paddleboard yoga (in conjunction with MOCEAN Cape Cod), heated Vinyasa Flow classes at Uptown Body in Falmouth, and private lessons in Surfset Fitness, a training regimen involving traditional exercises done on a surfboard indoors to engage core muscles.

Earlier this year, Lorusso added a Yoga for Athletes class to her repertoire at Uptown Body. The class, which resumes in September after a summer break, started organically, when Lorusso realized there were many athletes training in classes. “I noticed all these amazing people working very hard at the studio, as well as many of them training outside the studio,” she says. “These people are athletes; they take pride in their performance and enjoy the benefits they gain from their hard work.”

She also noticed that many of the students needed specific help to “release” their muscles, like the hips that tighten [see sidebar, p. 71] and the hamstrings that take a beating in high-impact athletic endeavors. “It made me realize there was a need for a class dedicated to lengthening and opening,” she says. “This is ultimately what will keep you flexible and enable your body to keep up with all that you demand of it.”

Today, her students include runners, bicyclists, triathletes, surfers, and skiers. She thinks of her Uptown Body class on Friday mornings as the athlete’s “once-a-week, be-really-nice-to-your-body-for-all-it-does” time to unwind. Lorusso has another tried-and-true cure for times when she feels stuck in her routine: “The best way is to get out of my head, into my body, and let my breath lead me. I connect deeply with my breath. This usually leads me to uncharted territory.”

Yoga for Athletes:,, 774-994-1682

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