The Next Wave: Zachary Bannon

Cape Cod Home  /  Spring 2020 /

Writer: Brenna Collins

From a young age, Zachary Bannon has witnessed the visions of architects and builders coming to fruition in homes across the Cape and Islands. His journey began as a laborer at the age of fifteen following after his father, Paul, owner of Bannon Custom Builders, and brother, Jarrod, a project manager at the company. After earning a degree in Architecture from Hobart College this past May, Zachary began working as a Site Supervisor at Bannon Custom Builders. With years of exposure to the field in his pocket, Zachary Bannon is adding his own skill set to the company with a hope to continue learning and growing. 

CCH: What inspired you to pursue a career in architecture?

ZB: My employment at Bannon started when I was fifteen, working summers and school breaks. My interest in architecture began as a direct result of the beautiful homes built by Bannon Custom Builders. Some amazing architects, including SV Design, LDa, Hammer, and Hutker Architects, design the homes we build. I love the creativity in architecture and seeing the design realized through the building process. 

CCH: What has been your greatest lesson so far in working in the building industry?

ZB: Not being too proud to ask questions. I am very lucky to work with a team that has many years of knowledge and expertise in building. 

CCH: What have you learned from your father and growing up around the family business?

ZB: There is so much that I have learned: listening, not being afraid to get my hands dirty, and asking questions is essential for my growth. 

CCH: What do you think stands out about Bannon Custom Builders’ work?

ZB: It’s the passion for building it right. We strive to pay attention to the smallest details. Even when things aren’t perfect, we aren’t afraid to take things apart and start over. Customer satisfaction is more than just a buzz word to us.

CCH: What do you most enjoy about living and working on Cape Cod?

ZB: Working on the Cape feels natural, for me.  I grew up here and have worked on and off for Bannon since high school. We have had projects from Provincetown to Martha’s Vineyard and many of the towns in between. I loved growing up on the Cape because of the beaches and the landscape.  I also love the city.  I currently live in Boston and spend a few nights a week on the Cape. I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds. 

CCH: How do you see yourself growing in the future within your career?

ZB:  Right now, I am trying to learn as much as I can.  Eventually, I would like to take on more responsibility and move up in the company. I am trying to get as well versed as I can be. 

CCH: What advice would you give to fellow young professionals looking to succeed on the Cape?

ZB: I really appreciated going to school for architecture, but I would also say that civil engineering and construction management are a great foundation for the building industry.  Being on a construction site is really important and gives relevance to what is expressed on plans and in the classroom. In the industry, there is a great need for skilled trades.  I would encourage young people to consider that path as an option.

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