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2018 Annual Guide: Eastham

Sarah Wilcox Eastham

Photo by Paige Biviano

Sarah and Eddie take turns opening the store, and balance the workload between themselves and their dedicated employees. “There isn’t a typical day because there are days I’m on the floor or in the deli,” says Wilcox, who enjoys the variety. For her, it’s a nice mix of administrating the business and seeing customers, many of whom are regulars.

“So many things happen here. Drama, fun stuff, seeing kids grow up,” she says. “Like this one police officer, I remember when he was a boy and would come to the deli—I used to give him a piece of cheese.”

The store has about 21 employees, and that rises to about 35 in summer, Wilcox says. She’s happy that many are longtime employees. “We’re fortunate to have the people we have working for us,” she says.

Also part of the team is Sarah’s brother, Scott Brookshire, who, like Sarah, had already worked at the store for years. Sarah and Eddie’s two teenagers, Owen and Hailee,  also work part time at the store when their schedules allow.

Wilcox concedes it can be a challenge to work with family. “One thing that’s hard for me is working with Scott, because he’s my brother first,” she says with a laugh, then adds, “But the thing is we’re all like family here.”

Although she has made some changes, like adding a coffee bar, stocking gluten-free foods and putting up a new sign complete with a logo, Wilcox has tried to keep the business largely the same. The Wilcox family maintains a tradition beloved by many locals: opening for one hour on Thanksgiving and on Christmas. “People really come out for that,” she says.

A number of locals still refer to the Superette as “Brown’s,” and that doesn’t bother Wilcox, who likes the store’s small-town atmosphere.

Wilcox is currently president of the Orleans Rotary Club and also serves on the board of the Eastham Chamber of Commerce. “We try to make time to give back,” she says. “The community has been so good to us.”

Deb Boucher Stetson is the editor of Cape Cod LIFE.

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