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2018 Annual Guide: Mashpee

Rodney Collins Mashpee

Rodney Collins. Photo by Paige Biviano

A day in the life of: Rodney Collins, Mashpee town manager and former chief of police

By Kristina Atsalis

Although he is relatively new to town hall, Mashpee Town Manager Rodney Collins is no stranger to the realm of public service. After 10 years as the Mashpee Chief of Police—marking 35 years in total as a member of a police force—Collins had become well-versed in management, budgeting and leadership.

“I have always enjoyed a greater challenge,” explains Collins. “Ending my time as chief and becoming town manager afforded me that—an opportunity for change, and a chance to utilize my knowledge on a whole new level.”

For this government official, no day goes as planned; he credits his many years in the police department for his ability to maintain the crucial, albeit cliché, persona of one who is calm, cool and collected. According to Collins, a town manager must possess several imperative qualities: a degree of mental toughness, an appreciation for facts and, most importantly, decisiveness.

“You cannot allow yourself to become consumed or stalled by emotions and opinions in a political environment,” says Collins, who stays grounded throughout the day by focusing on the clear-cut data that surrounds the issue at hand.

In an unpredictable workplace, Collins knows one thing for certain: Government functions at its best when it is familiar and connected with the people it serves. At the heart of his government and community involvement is a profound respect for the citizens of Mashpee. Collins describes the community as “vibrant” and is motivated by the selflessness and volunteerism displayed by the residents.

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