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2018 Annual Guide: Provincetown

Stormy Mayo Provincetown

MacMillian Pier, Provincetown Harbor. Photo by Roupen Baker

Photo Ops: 

MacMillan Pier can’t be beat for its collection of authentic fishing boats—come early in the morning when the light shimmers on the water as the boats head out. The famed dunes offer unusual views that will challenge your photography skills, and you’ll want to get a good shot of a brilliant sunset at Herring Cove.

Stormy Mayo Provincetown

Pilgrim Monument. Photo by Michael Mattox

Favorite Spots:

We can’t get enough of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, a must-see attraction overlooking busy Commercial Street. The view is well worth the 116 steps and 60 ramps to the top of the monument, and at its base is a fascinating museum.

Mom & Pops:

There are lots of great places to go for coffee in Provincetown, but the Wired Puppy is one we can’t stay away from. Bring your coffee outside to one of the benches out front and watch the world go by on Commercial Street.

Don’t Miss!

Explore the amazing art here during the Friday Night Gallery Stroll, when galleries open their doors, pour wine and talk art. In the off-season, November to spring, a Monday night Coffeehouse at the Mews highlights local performers in a fun open-mic session for playwrights, poets, singers and comedians.

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