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2018 Annual Guide: Sandwich

Paula Johnson Sandwich

Photo by Paige Biviano

“My favorite part of my job is seeing the high school program succeed,” says Johnson. “It really brings kids out of their shells. A student might be shy or quiet, but something like the radio club really gives them the opportunity to share their voice. If one kid gets up in the morning because they’re excited about broadcasting, then we’ve done a good thing.”

When she has downtime, which isn’t often with her packed schedule, Johnson enjoys watching the ships come in at Town Neck, or walking down the Sandwich Boardwalk and enjoying all the scenic views her town has to offer. “I cannot believe the things you see. There’s Crow Farm and the marshes. I love taking pictures of all of it,” she says.

Johnson is also a talented designer. Before discovering her love for television, she had a mural painting business, and she continues to express her love of art on the walls of her own home. “I have trees coming up from my baseboard,” she says, smiling. “I’m always changing things. Someone once told me that there’s so much paint on my walls they’re going to cave in.”

Johnson has been a Sandwich resident for 28 years. Her children grew up and went to school here. “My family is my pride and joy. I have two sons—men, actually,” she adds with a laugh. “They’re very tall now.”

Johnson gives back to the community through volunteer work. She created a fairy garden for Sandwich’s First Night celebration, complete with tiny houses, twinkle lights and enchanting wands for early visitors, that has become so popular it’s been moved from its usual location behind the Dan’l Webster Inn to the Sandwich Public Library.

Johnson loves Sandwich for its astounding scenery, welcoming community and rich past. As she puts it, “I love being so immersed in a technical community while at the same time being surrounded by natural beauty everywhere I look.”

Allyson Plessner is the staff writer for Cape Cod Life Publications.

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