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2018 Annual Guide: Wellfleet

Lisa Brown Wellfleet

Photo by Paige Biviano

Brown has many hobbies, from playing the drums to gardening, but she says her true passion is writing curriculum. “The diversity curriculum that I’ve developed is taught through a social-emotional lens,” she explains. Her class “Exploring and Respecting Differences” focuses on diversity and social justice in human rights.

“As students get a more global understanding, they want to make a difference in the world, and they need to be empowered and inspired to do that,” she says. “I try to teach my students that if you dream something, you can do it.”

As she speaks, Otis busies himself chewing on a large oyster shell, an apt reminder of Brown’s involvement in one of the largest annual festivals on Cape Cod, the Wellfleet OysterFest. Brown says she helped start this festival as an attempt to rival Truro’s “Dump Dance” and as a way to make sure her community had an event that brings people together and celebrates one of Wellfleet’s greatest treasures: oysters.

She laughs, remembering a moment that is perhaps most telling of the spirit of this event: During one of the first years of OysterFest, the winner of the shucking contest, in a moment of celebration, stabbed his knife through the table borrowed from the elementary school. “They never gave us a table again,” she says.

When her wife asks her what her favorite part of the day is, Brown jokes that it’s coming home to her, but in all seriousness, she says it’s true. Brown has been all over the world, but at the end of the day, she comes home to the house she grew up in and to her wife, whom she’s known since high school—the same high school where she now teaches. Though she says she’s left her heart in many places, she always comes back to Wellfleet. “I live in paradise,” she says.

Allyson Plessner is the staff writerfor Cape Cod Life Publications.

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