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2021 Emerging Artist: Nicole Almeida

Illuminating Summer • 8” x 8” • oil on canvas

“I want my paintings to inspire and spark connections with those who view my work,” shares emerging artist Nicole Almeida. Growing up on the South Coast, she finds most of her inspiration comes from the picturesque coastal towns of the region. “I love the water,” Almeida says. “I find myself consistently navigating towards it as much as possible…I find it puts my mind at ease and aids my creativity.” 

Her love of the sea flourished while she spent her summers on the Cape as a child, finding herself forever intertwined with the ocean. “I’ve always been drawn to the ocean with its energy, peacefulness, power and beauty,” says Almeida. “The South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands are very inspirational to me with their beaches, harbors and lighthouses.” 

Currently a studio arts major at Bridgewater State University, her medium of choice is oils. “For my concentration I’m using oil paints specifically,” she explains. “Oil painting is more traditional. It is what the master artists would use, and I love the fact that it can be more of a challenging medium. As a student, I really enjoy learning how oil paint works, specifically when I work outside, how the light interacts with the oils as I am composing a new piece.”

Quissett Harbor • 18” x 24” • oil on canvas

Almeida has found herself working outside more and more. Previously, she usually painted in a studio but says, “As of last year I started navigating more towards the outdoors, trying to focus more on the plein air aspect of art.” With her newfound love of plein air painting, she will traverse the Cape until the perfect spot presents itself for her to get out her oils and get to work on her next piece. “Through my eyes, with a canvas, paints and brush in hand, I find I am able to truly capture who I am and what I love most about life,” she says. 

Almeida notes, “I am not quite where I want to be yet as an artist, but with the love and support of my friends and family, I continue on my creative journey.”  

Instagram: nicolealmeida_art

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