2021 Emerging Artists

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Writer: Brenna Collins

Nicole Almeida

Marc Chagall once said, “Great art picks up where nature ends.” For a region like the Cape & Islands, this holds especially true. The old lighthouses tucked into the shoreline, sweeping seagrass along the coast, endless sunsets and sailboats drifting along the ocean surface have inspired local artists for centuries. These spots continue to inspire new artists who, one way or another, are compelled to create. A new work of art stirs something in us all, whether it be nostalgia, curiosity, hope, or joy. It is thanks to new artists that we all have the chance to see the world through a new set of eyes, as if seeing our favorite landscapes for the first time. 

Debbie Mueller

The opportunity and inspiration for new art is endless. The challenge, for some, lies in bringing art to market. How do you take something you are inspired to create and share it with the world? Thankfully, the ever-expanding digital realm has given artists a new avenue to share their work. An artist’s Instagram page can become a tight-knit community and place of self-expression. In addition, the many esteemed galleries across the Cape and Islands are invaluable, not only for artists to display their work, but also for the viewer to appreciate art in its true form, and perhaps, take a masterpiece home to cherish for years to come. In the pages of Cape Cod ART, we hope to provide yet another avenue to illuminate such local talent.

Colin McGuire

Each year, Cape Cod ART highlights a selection of Emerging Artists. These brilliant individuals have already made their artistic mark, yet have incredible promise in the forthcoming arc of their career. Each of these four artists have their own distinct flair. For Debbie Mueller, art unexpectedly called to her later in life, and she now has grown an impressive collection of oil paintings inspired by the history and beauty of New England. For Colin McGuire, the challenge of painting with a palette knife pushes him forward as an artist and creates dynamic masterpieces. Gus Long transitioned from golf pro to painter and has invented his own style of bold watercolors and 3D paintings. Nicole Almeida is already making waves as a young oil painter, as her connection to the ocean continually inspires new art. “Great art picks up where nature ends” definitely applies to these artists, who, each in their own style, evoke deeper emotions that go beneath the surface of nature.

Gus Long

The following pages share the captivating stories of these four individuals and their artwork. We hope you continue to stumble upon their work in the future, whether it be online, in a gallery, or in the pages of Cape Cod ART once again. Keep an eye out as they continue to expand their portfolios and make their own mark for years to come.

~ Brenna Collins