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21st century modern design in Wellfleet

Wicked Modern, Autumn 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

Bay Area flair: The kitchen features heron blue tile backsplash sourced from the homeowners’ favorite store in their home city of San Francisco, Heath Ceramics. Photo by Eric Roth

To Mamo and Fitzsimmons, a modern design aesthetic was just as important as energy efficiency. Fitzsimmons recalls, “When we first spoke with Stephanie and she asked us what we were thinking about in terms of the house, we asked her if she’d ever been to Palm Springs.” In addition to being popular vacation destinations surrounded by natural beauty, Palm Springs, California, and the Outer Cape share at least one other thing in common: a rich history of modern architecture. Palm Springs has the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture in the world, and Mamo and Fitzsimmons say they fell in love with the modern style of houses in the area—and wanted that mid-century Bauhaus style reflected in their Outer Cape home.

“We didn’t want to build just another Cape,” Mamo says. “And we’re familiar with the history of mid-century design on Cape Cod and felt that it was time for a renewal of that style.” A streamlined flat roof, sleek white interior and minimal furnishings all help establish the home’s modern aesthetic—so too, says Hultin, do the large German-engineered triple-pane windows, which not only eliminate draft but also bring the outdoor scenery in.

“You’re not going to see very many houses that look anything like this house, and yet it looks like it fits in,” Hultin says. “In that sense, I think it’s a throwback to the houses around town from the midcentury.”

“Our place is right around the corner from the colony in Wellfleet—the neighborhood of all true mid-century modern homes,” Fitzsimmons notes, “and it feels like we’re paying tribute to those homes in building something that looks similar but has all of the current features.”

The following businesses/individuals contributed to the design of the house featured in this article:

ZeroEnergy Design: Architect & mechanical designer

A.F. Hultin & Co., Inc.: Contractor

Pamet Valley Landscape: Landscape design & masonry

Lisa Finch: Original artwork

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