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A Classic Collaboration

Harwich kitchen by Classic Kitchens & Interiors and JC Donald Company

In similar fashion to the master bathroom, built-in cabinet drawers and see-through cabinet doors add to the open nature of the kitchen.

The success of this renovation does not lie in individual talent alone, but rather in the unique way in which everyone worked together. The unity felt throughout the redesigned home is a reflection of the unity between all involved in the project. “The teams really worked together well—us with the design team, giving a little bit of input there, then with the plumbers and electricians. It was a nice project,” says Connelly.

“This was my first time working with Don—it was wonderful,” says Darcy. “The homeowners were really open to a one-of-kind space. I would sketch out certain ideas, and Susan would get excited. We really worked alongside each other.”

Susan agrees: “It was great because Classic Kitchens does a lot of kitchens. They know what they’re doing, and Barbara is a very talented designer.” She adds: “Don was excellent, as were the people who work for him. We’ve done home renovations before, and this was by far the best experience.”

So, 20 years later, with the same builder behind the hammer, this Harwich home looks like an entirely new place. “It was nice to go back,” says Don. “It’s crazy to see how much things have changed over time. Everything is about trends, and the trends are so different now.” Yet, no matter the year, one trend seems to always remain the same, and that is bringing family together to truly make a house a home. Thanks to the family of designers, builders and homeowners, that’s now possible here.

“We wanted this to be a home that our children, who are now all grown, would want to come back to,” says Susan. “And everyone has really enjoyed it. We walk in, and we like the feeling we get.”

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