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A Little Bad Martha, A Lot of Good

With a new building also comes the opportunity to foster new talent. Bad Martha recently hired a new Head Brewer, Bryan Link. Link began his brewing career in 2012 with home brewing and has worked at various brew houses, including Lord Hobo in Woburn, before eventually landing at Bad Martha in July of 2020. Keeping up with trends in brewing, Link is bringing fun and unique brews to Bad Martha, including a strawberry and rhubarb sour for late summer into early fall, and dark ales or even a Scotch Ale for the fall and winter months.

Thomas Maley sculptures and Bad Martha Beer: a perfect pair!

For Bad Martha Farmer’s Breweries, its always been about more than just good beer. On their website, they state, “There’s a little of the Vineyard in every glass, as every beer is brewed with a few hand-picked wild grape leaves from Martha’s Vineyard,” and that “At Bad Martha, we believe in three things: great beer, getting bad and doing good.” For Flanders, community is at the heart of everything Bad Martha does. “The focus has always been giving back and being as involved as we can. We work in partnership with local farms, using local ingredients and giving back. We use oysters and coffee from local suppliers and fruits, herbs and vegetables from farms across the region,” he says. Bad Martha gives the first portion of profits to non-profits, such as the Island Food Pantry and Boys & Girls Club, to help those in need of food security, and they offer veterans, firefighters, police and ambulance drivers a Heroes Discount, too. Fundraisers are another way the folks at Bad Martha give back and support the community. Thanks to the Falmouth location’s year-round business, Flanders says off-season events become the focus in the fall and winter. Bad Martha often offers up their space for local fundraisers, as well as provides merchandise to fill raffles. “That’s the culture of craft beer. It’s always going to be more affordable to go out and buy Budweiser, but when you buy from Bad Martha, that money goes back into your community, in the form of local employment and the businesses we partner with and the nonprofits we support. That’s really the focus here; be a local business, give back to the community and be a part of something here at home.”

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Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery won gold in our 2020 Best Of! Check it out here!

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