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Cape Cod Home  /  Autumn 2023 /

Writer: Leslie Hatton / Photographer: Amber Jane Barricman 

A family takes their time to plan, build and maximize space in their forever home. Massachusetts born American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”  The importance of light and its impact and function in the design of a building is significant. Bringing natural light into living spaces can change the aesthetics of a room, its furnishings, colors used within the room, and how comfortable we are within. Further, the positioning of a home and where it sits on a lot in regard to light can transform a living experience.  In her article, “How Architects Use Natural Light to Transform Spaces” Elif Ayse Fidanci writes, “Natural light can be used to create a sense of rhythm and movement in a space. By carefully controlling the amount and quality of light that enters a space, architects can create a dynamic environment that changes throughout the day. This can help to create a sense of energy and vitality in a space, making it more inviting and engaging.” Whether or not this was the intention of architect Michael Collins of D. Michael Collins Architects, it is the result. Collins situated this home on the lot in such a way that it would maximize the incoming light and give the homeowners the serene feeling that accompanies being in close proximity to nature—which mimics feelings of gratitude and fulfillment in this forever home.  The homeowners had established Rhode Island as their vacation destination over the years, but one summer they decided to change course from their usual haunt to explore Chatham. The quaint seaside town offered everything their family of five was looking for. “During one of those vacations we decided to drive around and see what was for sale. We found something…

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Leslie Hatton

Leslie (Horne) Hatton enthusiastically joined Cape Cod Life in October of 2022. Educated in Mashpee and Falmouth, she graduated from Assumption College and received her Master of Education degree from Lesley College. A former teacher, she has taught middle school, preschool and most recently, fifth grade. She and her husband Tom have three children: Aidan, Colin, and Erin. Their newest family member is Millie, an outgoing, outrageously happy chocolate lab. She loves to talk about all of them so better not ask. One neat tidbit about Leslie is that she is the author of the locally best-selling children’s book Cape Cod ABCs, with over 10K books sold on Cape Cod, the Islands and across Massachusetts. Happiest in the summer with a little sun on her face, she loves being with friends and her family, laughing, drinking and eating all over beautiful Cape Cod.