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A Whole Lotta Love: At HOME with George Davis

Davis home

The new kitchen island is particularly special to the Davis family, as every family member had a say in its design. Even the family dog approves.

The new kitchen has emerged unscathed by any do-it-yourself fiascos and now benefits from exquisite Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, painted in one of their signature colors—a butter-yellow hue—complete with seeded glass cabinet doors that twinkle from the back-lights that confirm one more element of quality from the renown cabinet maker. The large center island, capped by a massive mahogany top that Skip fabricated in his workshop, is the one exception to the do-it-yourself moratorium. “Each of the kids contributed to the crafting of that island,” Beth says. “It probably took about a month to complete,” Skip continues, “and each of the kids weighed in to help throughout the entire time.” Beth adds, “They will forever be a part of this kitchen.”

When talking about the enduring qualities of the kitchen, Beth says, “We just wanted the kitchen to be here forever and look like it has been here forever—a little nicked, a little scuffed, but well-loved.”

This busy family extends beyond the close couple and their five dynamic progeny—both Beth and Skip have cared for and hosted their parents, most recently Beth’s mother, Ann Johnson, who passed away just before the holidays. As is often the case, families evolve and next generations take over the roles of hosting and welcoming a growing and expanding crowd; Beth and Skip serve that role within their large extended family. The goal for their home was to offer a place of comfort and communion for the people in their life. “You can’t wreck anything in our house, because we have five kids, two dogs, two cats and extended family too large to count,” says Beth. “It’s not unusual for us to cook for 25 people just on a Sunday.”

The Davis family lives in a home that Skip built, but it is full of love from a family that spans generations with shared dreams and swapped stories of times before and times to come again. A home is a place for retreat and respite, but most of all it is a place that should provide a foundation for memories that can grow and spawn for years to come. Beth and George Davis have indeed built a home that fulfills that promise.

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