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Addison Art Gallery plans “After Hopper” events for 2017

It's going to be a colorful summer, June 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

“Quiet Café,” oil, Paul Schulenburg • Artwork courtesy of Addison Art Gallery

Another artist who will demonstrate is Maryalice Eizenberg of Chatham. She says working outdoors presents unique challenges, but it’s enjoyable and it can be inspiring. “The rapidly changing light makes plein air painting challenging,” says Eizenberg. “Decisions must be made and executed more quickly than in the studio. It is a more immediate process but one that is very rewarding.” Over the years, Eizenberg has participated in painting demonstrations, and she enjoys it. “I love to paint,” she says, “and like to think that I am an effective communicator. Much of what I know was learned from others, and I consider it an honor to pay it forward. My process does not change whether I am in front of an audience or not. Answering questions or explaining the process does not alter my intentions for the painting. The completion may just take a little longer.”

A few more events add to all the “After Hopper” fun. On the morning of Wednesday, August 9, several painters will set up their easels around Truro to capture the scenic shores and historic sites of the town where Hopper lived and painted. The precise locations will be determined that morning. Observers are encouraged to chat with the artists, and perhaps circle back later in the morning to view their progress. Should they be captivated by a certain piece, art lovers could reserve a painting while it’s being painted. The Addison Art Gallery would handle the sale and ensure the finished piece is delivered to the collector.

For the “After Hopper” series finale, a reception will be held Saturday, August 12, from 5-7 p.m., at Addison Art Gallery, 43 South Orleans Road, Orleans. Attendees can savor a glass of wine, rub shoulders with local artists, and browse the creations in the gallery’s new Hopper-inspired exhibit. The show runs from Friday, August 11, to Friday, September 15.

What is it about Hopper and his paintings that have inspired so many? Addison offers a response. “In my 20 years of running a gallery on Cape Cod, I have met many artists who credit Hopper as an influence while creating in their own distinct styles,” Addison says. “Perhaps because of who he was, a man with minimal social interaction who chose his friends carefully and kept his distance from the vibrant arts community we have long treasured here, Hopper’s deep ties to Cape Cod are not as widely acknowledged as they deserve to be . . . What motivated me to launch ‘After Hopper’ are the gifts that he handed down to the artists of today.”

For more information about “After Hopper” events and exhibitions, call the Addison Art Gallery at 508- 255-6200, or visit

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