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For an uplifting Cape Cod adventure, try parasailing!

This high-flying activity offers amazing views, a peaceful ride and a mood-altering experience

Elevate your spirit!, June 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

Photo by Charles Sternaimolo

On a warm summer afternoon, a handful of fishermen cast lines from the breakwater in South Yarmouth where the Parker River flows into Nantucket Sound. The occasional cry of a seagull floats on the wind, and sailboats hazily dot the horizon. It’s a peaceful scene. From stage left, a misshapen balloon enters the frame, slowly ascending heavenward. No, it’s a kite. Wait, upon further examination, it appears to be a parachute . . . with a rider attached . . . and the colorful contraption seems to be tethered to the boat cruising across the water below.

Welcome to parasailing! “Parasailing offers an unparalleled experience,” says Sarah Kossmann, who owns Cape Cod Parasail & Jet Ski in South Yarmouth with her husband, Kurt. “It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and you’re out in the open air. You get to experience flight in a way that humans don’t usually get to. There’s no other experience like it.”

The company is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day in South Yarmouth, offering parasailing rides and kayak rentals from the dock at Red Jacket Beach Resort, and banana boat rides and jet ski rentals from the beach at nearby Blue Water Resort.

Naturally, one of the key attractions to floating a good distance above sea level is the view if affords—of land, water and the horizon. “The view is amazing because it’s crystal clear,” Kossmann says. “There’s no glass or anything else to look through. On clear days, you can see all the way to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.” From above, Kossmann says guests have often spotted fish and some large sea turtles in the water, but—likely due to the location’s warm and shallow water—no sharks or whales.

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