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This boathouse is INCREDIBLE

A Boathouse for Every Occasion

Nestled on Arey’s Pond in Orleans, a boathouse designed by McPhee Associates serves as both a private getaway and perfect spot to gather and reminisce. Looking at the pristine space, one wouldn’t guess that it had once been a dilapidated structure, until Rob McPhee, president of McPhee Associates, worked his magic. The old structure was beyond repair, and nowhere near FEMA regulation height in a flood zone. The only option was to start from scratch, in the footprint of the old boathouse, giving McPhee Associates and the homeowners the opportunity to make it the perfect space. 

Once the design was complete, McPhee and his team realized there were still obstacles ahead. The boathouse’s proximity to the main house, down a steep hill, meant bringing in supplies was a challenge. “We ended up getting a small barge to get through to Arey’s Pond,” explains McPhee. “So we had that and little tugboats, and we tore down the old boathouse in sections that we placed on the barge.” The old boathouse was taken away, the supplies for the new one were brought in, and slowly, this special space came together. 

The new boathouse features a screened-in porch overlooking the peaceful pond, with outdoor couches providing the perfect spot to stop and relax for at least three out of the four seasons. The porch was key for the homeowners, who feel lucky to own property on a pond and, of course, on beautiful Cape Cod. 

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